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We caught up with Mary and Bryson (and their sweet pup!) in Winston-Salem at the beautiful Reynolda House for their engagement session.  They couldn’t have had a cooler, classier look about them, and the colors they chose contrasted with the budding trees of early spring and the high, light gray clouds created a dramatic, but romantic look to their photos.  We always say that engagement pictures are important not just for the photos you get, but for the experience.  It’s the first time couples are in front of our cameras and the first time we really get to work with them.  Well, if we didn’t know better, we would’ve thought we had worked with Mary and Bryson before.  We all felt totally comfortable, but the two of them in front of the camera were telling jokes that kept everybody laughing. No “warming up” needed, or so it seemed.  🙂  These two are bound for a life of joy and laughter ahead of them.

Congratulations Mary and Bryson!  We are so excited about your wedding this October!

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We are so thrilled and honored to be featured on Laurie Louis‘ blog today!  Here’s a link to check it out:

Thanks so much to Laurie for this opportunity.  We love talking about our business, showing off our clients, and we even got to tell our own love story here too.  This is a treasure for us!

Stephen and CJ

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Family pictures, at their best, can tell the stories of life.  Even in the unexpected turns in life, the joy and love you find in those moments are stories worth telling…maybe the best.

Jennie was 27 weeks along in her pregnancy with their second, when she was admitted to the hospital to wait on their little girl and monitor her heart.  Of course there was some worry and frustration maybe, but Chris and Jennie seemed all steady when we went to visit and for maternity photos.  They were at peace with what they needed to do for their daughter and only looking ahead.  She was allowed about half an hour or so to wander around for photos, so we started in her hospital room.  We think that made it even sweeter. Grandparents had been helping with their son, Wilson, so they brought him in to visit for the photos.  Wilson’s excitement to see his mom and dad and over the upcoming arrival of his baby sister was absolutely perfect.  His presence only brought in even more joy!

Their daughter, Emma, was loved and prayed for, protected, and watched in more ways than one. We couldn’t have been more proud to have captured these special days leading up to her arrival.  Chris and Jennie, we love you guys!

A special thanks also to CMC Main and the staff there for letting in the photographers, but especially for taking care of our sweet friends.

3/11/16 update: Emma was delivered yesterday, “pink and screaming,” as Chris said!  Everybody is doing well, and the NICU will continue to monitor Emma for a little while.  She doesn’t even know yet how many pictures we have yet to take of her….  🙂




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“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” -Franz Schubert

We are thrilled today so showcase our friends, Katy and Caleb, who allowed us to do an “after” session–where the bride and groom get dressed up again after the wedding for more photos, but in a stylistic (less rushed!) kind of way. These two met years ago working on a production of Huckleberry Finn, and their love and friendship with each other simply shines.  They inspire and bring such joy to others, and their love is infectious.  So fittingly, we started out taking their photos at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain, NC–fitting because of their love and involvement in theater, but also because this is one of the marriages that other people love to “watch”!

This session was a lot of fun for us artistically too, because we really got to play with the light and shadows, and it pushed us to try all sorts of things. We love keeping that edge with every couple we work with, and these two really let us think outside the box.

Lastly: her yellow shoes…. <3

Caleb and Katy, we love you both and can’t tell you how happy we are to have had this opportunity!  You own that spotlight, my friends!


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Most couples don’t pick chilly February days for their engagement session, but Jodi and Jordan could really start a new trend here.  You wouldn’t know this if we didn’t tell you, but their engagement session was on Valentine’s weekend, so the timing only added to the romance.  The cold, crisp air gave us the most gorgeous light ever (certainly aided by Jodi’s blue eyes…), plus, there’s no better time to snuggle in photos than when you genuinely want to wrap up in a blanket!  Then, the charming atmosphere of historic downtown Salisbury was just icing on the cake, complete with a stop for a Cheerwine in a glass bottle.

Jodi and Jordan absolutely shine, whatever light they’re in.  Their chemistry and love were more transparent than anything else, and we couldn’t be more excited for their wedding in April.  Congratulations Jodi and Jordan!

Salisbury Engagement SessionPINIMAGE


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