We don’t know how we get to work with the sweetest people on the planet, but we do!  Jordan was one of the most fun, easygoing, and happy brides we’ve ever seen, and Ben is the guy they said “kept his mind about him, even while he gave his heart away.”  They are the perfect match, and their wedding made for a lighthearted, but deeply meaningful day.

Congratulations Jordan and Ben!

The Farm at Brusharbor Wedding and ReceptionThe Farm at Brusharbor Wedding and ReceptionThe Farm at Brusharbor Wedding and ReceptionThe Farm at Brusharbor Concord, NCThe Farm at Brusharbor Wedding and Reception

Caterer: Teresa Almond- A One Catering

Planner: Pat Smith

Transportation: Rose Chauffeur, Charlotte, NC

Entertainment: Mike (MC) Virtual Sounds Entertainment, Charlotte, NC

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Abercrombie

Gown: Mecklenburg Bridal, Charlotte, NC

Shoes: Nordstrom, Charlotte, NC

Bridesmaids: New York Bride and Groom

Rings: Diamonds Direct, Charlotte, NC

Photography: Torrence Photography

Venue: The Farm at Brusharbor, Concord, NC

  • April 22, 2015 - 3:33 PM

    The Farm at Brusharbor - Love this beautiful wedding of Jordan & Ben’s captured by Torrence Photography!

David has been a friend to both of us for several years, but when he worked as our summer intern in 2013, he became more like a brother.  His cool head, sharp wit, and sweet and willing spirit helped give us one of our most productive and fun years we’ve had.  (And we listened to a lot of great music.) When David visited a few months ago and told us he had a diamond burning a hole in his pocket, we knew the girl that caught his eye must be pretty special.  We were oh-so-right.

Exactly six months since their first date, we met David and Ellen in Mount Pleasant and then Charleston for their engagement session. (What a way to remember a special day!)  They were just as playful, classy, and visibly in love as you would hope for two starting their journey together.  “I honestly love everything about Ellen, from her beautiful smile to her kind and gentle spirit,” David said.  “I love her faith, and that is easily the strongest bond we have. We pray, discuss scripture, and worship together, and her faith inspires me. She also has a care and passion for other people, and it shows in the way she treats her students in the classroom.” (She’s a 7th grade Math teacher, which already speaks to her character!)  He said, “she earnestly cares for each and everyone, and I’m lucky enough to be the one that she cares for most. I look forward to learning from her and growing stronger with her in the years to come!”

Ellen said it was hard to pinpoint what she loved most about David.  “We know that we’re not perfect by any means, but David and I both feel that we’re perfect for each other – which is a wonderful gift, but also makes it hard to describe what we love the most!”  She says, ” I love David’s faith in Christ. He lives out his faith intentionally and loves others so well. I can honestly say that through David, I get a glimpse of Jesus’ love for me. I love David’s leadership. I’ve never felt more safe and comfortable with someone, yet challenged and encouraged to grow at the same time.”  The security and ease they give to each other is something we noticed, too.   “I also love his sense of humor,” Ellen says.  “David has this wonderful combination of wit and cheesiness”–also noticed!– “and some of my favorite memories are the two of us doubled-over in laughter. I can’t wait to spend my life with him!”

David, buddy, you chose very well.  Ellen did too.  :-) We love you both!

Charleston Wedding and Reception PhotographerCharleston Wedding and Reception PhotographerCharleston Wedding and Reception PhotographerMt Pleasant Wedding and Reception PhotographerMt Pleasant Wedding and Reception PhotographerMt. Pleasant Wedding and Reception Photographer

  • April 15, 2015 - 4:53 AM

    Becky Miller Beasley - Thank you CJ and Steven for the interview and beautiful pictures of two of our favorite folks. Love is in the air!!!