How many people get to grow up around a place this beautiful?  Fallston, NC is nestled in the heart of the foothills, and its beautiful landscape and tranquil background make it a wonderful place to call home.  Melia’s grandparents grew up in Fallston, and their property still houses their old home and the barn that her great grandfather built.   She says from the time that she was a little girl and would dream about her wedding day, this piece of land was always the setting.

Going to school at UNC-Wilmington, Melia met Tanner, stationed there at with the Marines.  She says she tried to give it time and talked herself out of rushing things, but then quickly talked herself out of that too.  As Tanner said with a grin, “It didn’t take her long.”  Falling in love was the “easiest” thing they’d ever done, the clearest they’ve ever been, and the most right decision they’ve ever made.  We quickly saw that “connection” they talked about.  It’s visible and obvious and easy to capture in photographs!  Fast-forward to  June, and Melia and Tanner’s wedding ceremony will be in front of the old barn her great-grandfather built, just as she dreamed it would be.  What better place for their engagement photos? These two have such a depth and sweet sentiment about them, that a wedding at home, with all of the beauty and meaning it has to offer, seems only fitting.

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding, Melia and Tanner!  We can’t wait!

  • March 18, 2015 - 7:17 PM

    Meshelle Lawson - Just the right moment to see these pop up….I absolutely love them so much and the wedding will be beautiful…reminds me of papaw Smallwood’s place.

  • March 18, 2015 - 7:27 PM

    Dave Blevins - these are great photos. Uncle Dave is so happy for the both of you!

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    Kelly Peeler - I could not be more happy for you! You will be a beautiful bride just like your mom was! Awesome pictures!

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    Nancy Otten Given - They are just so darned adorable. What a lovely write up.

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    Roberta Ovington Gilbert - Congratulations to you both!! Great pictures!

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    Betsy Russell Beason - Gorgeous photos with a beautiful young lady and her love! So pleased for you both and looking forward to celebrating your special day!

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    Kelli W. Simmons - Yay!!! These are beautiful Melia. Can’t wait to share in your special day!!

We want to wish Katie and Louis a very happy first wedding anniversary this weekend!  This one at the Dairy Barn was one of our first weddings of the 2014 season, and we couldn’t have found a more fun, inspiring way to kick it off.  These two were filled-to-the-brim with joy and excitement at the sight of each other.  It was like watching two soul mates fall in love for the first time, but with a husband and wife’s deep love and commitment.   What an honor it was for us to document their special day!

We’re so pleased to have Katie and Louis back on our blog today to share with you some insights from the wedding planning and the big day.  But be warned: the story of their first year is a sweet one!  :-)

Congratulations you two, and all our best wishes for many more anniversaries to come!   –Stephen & CJ

Dairy Barn Wedding and Reception

“Since our wedding day, life has been a whirlwind, and that’s putting it lightly! I (Katie) started a new job at a local private school and launched my own photography business, we closed on and moved into our first home, and we are expecting a new addition to our family in late July! It has been a wild ride, but we have learned so much about each other, about how to deal with the stresses of everyday life and still find time to to nurture our relationship, and if we didn’t already know that laughter is the best medicine, we sure have found that in our most difficult moments, a good laugh always lightens the load!

We are so thankful that our wedding day was a perfect celebration of our love and our interfaith service was more beautiful than we could have imagined! We are also thankful that we had the best photographers ever! Stephen and CJ were so much fun to work with and a wealth of knowledge leading up to the wedding. Any questions we had were answered and any nerves were eased. On the day of the wedding, they were a professional and calming presence. We absolutely loved our “first look” and the time we had together after with just each other and Stephen and CJ taking the shots. Even when we were feeling awkward about a shot or nervous about the day, we found ourselves smiling and laughing through it all. They helped the entire day run smoothly and really were a blessing!

Dairy Barn Wedding and Reception

Wedding planning is such a stressful time of life, but if I could go back and do it over again, I would tell myself to focus on the fact the meaning of the marriage and not get so stressed and caught up in the “little things” for the wedding. Pick your dress, book your venue and your vendors, and trust the process and the professionals you hire! On your wedding day, all of your planning and hard work pays off, and no matter what goes right and what goes wrong, at the end of the day, you are married to the love of your life and nothing else matters!

It is impossible for me to pick a favorite photo, but here are three of my favorites! My Mom and I right before Louis and I’s “first look”. I was stressed and fretting, but a moment of laughter managed to be captured amidst it!

Dairy Barn Wedding and Reception

The next is me with Louis’ grandfather, and it warms my heart!

Dairy Barn Wedding and Reception

And the last one is Louis and I in the car heading to the hotel after the wedding, you can see the joy and also relief on our faces – “it’s DONE!” Thanks, Stephen and CJ, for capturing the big and little moments of our day!

Dairy Barn Wedding and Reception